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Fairer Now

Not very many of my song ideas tend to come in the car, but this one did - I caught the line 'the birds were singing' as I was driving, and I began to fashion a melody out of it. The unaccompanied song is a big part of the folk tradition and so I wanted to reflect that in the recording; its conception was vocals only and so was the final result.

I wanted to record the song unaccompanied, and decided to edit the audio myself - a bit of an overwhelming task but I accepted that I might be able to get it to a passable standard. There are lots of cheap online courses you can take for that sort of thing, and I found one and learned some VERY basic things about EQ and reverb. Of course, there is a part two, and a part three, which I'll be keenly enrolling on. But this was the point where I had to make the choice between sharing something that was a little bit rough around the ages, or putting off sharing anything at all until I'd mastered music production and gotten it absolutely perfect. I know by now that perfectionism can be a really sneaky form of procrastination, so I made sure just to do the best I could and let it go!

The video part of putting out songs is normally a struggle for me - I've never felt particularly comfortable in front of the camera, and would have loved to just put music out on its own, but the truth is that videos are usually more engaging to people than a straight up track. Normally the process of video-making consists of me struggling on my own in the living room to get a decent shot of me performing the song, and I wanted it to be different this time.

Around the same time that this song was bubbling away, I was listening to the podcast 'George Ezra and Friends' (which I highly recommend) - my attention was drawn to the fact that so many of the artists interviewed talk about how much fun they have creating, something which I'm often guilty of forgetting about, and I thought about how could make the process of making a video a bit more fun. So I figured that the path of least resistance for me was to take my camera around with me during my weekend in Portsmouth, an indeed it was great to mess about with it.

I'm not a videographer, and the transitions are a little clunky. The angles aren't fantastic. I'm also not a sound engineer, and there are a couple of clicking sounds in the track which I haven't figured out how to get rid of yet. But I made it and I shared it! And I'm so glad I was able to get past the perfection panic.

I hope you enjoyed that little bit of insight into how the song was made, and most importantly I hope you enjoy the song itself!

Lots of love, Kate x

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